April 24, 2023

Beyond the 9 to 5: Senate Hearing on Older Adult Workers

On April 20, the Senate Special Committee on Aging examined the state of the aging workforce and opportunities to support older Americans into the future during a “Beyond the 9 to 5: Dismantling Barriers and Building Economic Resilience for Older Workers” hearing.

Chairman Bob Casey’s Opening Remarks highlighted recent data that shows only 45% of 65-year-olds are currently retired, compared to 58% in 2000. Additionally, Chairman Casey noted, “many seniors seek to remain in the workforce to make ends meet or to regain income lost while caregiving, and roughly one in three older adults aged 65 and older are economically insecure, with an average income being below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.” Recent data also shows older worker economic security is worse in communities of color, as more than half of Black and Hispanic adults over the age of 65 are economically insecure.

Review the witnesses testimony and view the hearing on the Committee’s website, here.